Charles Edward Carter II


My name is Charles Edward Carter II. I am from Peekskill, New York. I am currently attending Peekskill high school, where I will be graduating during the spring of 2013, and honors student 31 of 215 in my class. This fall, I will be attending the prestigious Morehouse College of which he will major in Mass Communications.

I was born with sickle cell disease, and the first years of my life were filled with multiple hospital visits. The hospital became my second home. Thanks to hydroxyurea that all changed. For the past ten years of taking hydroxyurea I haven’t had one serious crisis, or had to visit the hospital besides regular checkups.

I have been active in the Sickle Cell community since I can remember thanks to my mother’s and father’s participation in various organizations. Starting with Qscan in Queens New York, lead me to become Grand Marshall in the Queens Sickle Cell Parade. I have also had an article in the New York Newsday, and had multiple television interviews related to Sickle Cell.

I have become a major player in formulating the Teen Group at a hospital in Columbia South Carolina of which I have resided for two years. I really love being involved in the Sickle Cell community and doing what I can to help those in need and better inform those of our plight. I will be honored this year at Qscan annual fundraiser. Though I haven’t touched the ground in Atlanta I am presently working on bringing new Freshman from Morehouse, Spellman and Atlanta University sickle cell students for a workshop and planning doing a documentary of college students plight with sickle cell.

I have taken piano for six years, most recently at the Royal School of music. I love public speaking. I visited China via the People to People organization in 2008. I am currently taking boxing lessons (Peekskill, NY), acting (BIH, New York, NY) and modeling lessons (Debreu Modeling Agency, Columbia SC). I was enrolled in the Science Program at (York College, Queens NY). I presently work at Burger king in which I was promoted to Team Leader after nine months of employment. I also hosted the Safe Horizon Champion Awards. And finally, I created a short documentary promoting the Adolescences to the Richland County Library (South Carolina).

My long term goal is to become a director for television and film. I will continue to make the Sickle Cell community a significant part of my life.

Charles is currently a freshman at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA.