"Get Connected" is the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America's (SCDAA) National Patient Powered Registry. Your input through "Get Connected" will help us to identify critical needs. But more importantly, your voice can inform and support vital research and lead to the development of medical treatments to improve the lives of sickle cell patients.

"Get Connected" registry is free and confidential. Once you register- you will receive an approval email link that allows you to go back into the registry and complete your profile.


Click on the button below to register then follow the prompts. Be certain to respond to the question about your affiliation with a local SCDAA by selecting: SCDAA -James R. Clark Memorial Sickle Cell Fnd.

Once registered, remember to check your email for your approval link that provides access for completing your profile. To thank you for your time, each patient who registers will receive a 10.00 gift card. Call Yvvonne Donald - Columbia, SC at 803 765-9916 for additional info.